Omni Wood – eco timber constructions

Are you looking for timber- or roof constructions of very high quality and functionality?

Does timber framing appeal to you?

Are you willing to help the environment by insulating your home or building responsibly and ecologically?

Could your interior do with an uplift?

Are you in need of custom cabinets or fitted wardrobes?

Search no more, as you have found the source!


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sloping and flat roofs, new constructions as well as renovations

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Facade cladding

Ventilated facade or wall cladding using solid timber, panels or sidings

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 Custom cabinets and fitted wardrobes

for homes, offices and showrooms

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Roof trusses

the product of a generation of experience: our OMNI TRUSS prefabricated roof or attic truss, available to any client

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Ecological insulation

a complete range of insulation material which helps you help the environment twice!

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Interior cladding

bring beauty and charm into your room with our wooden wall panels, made from virgin or re-claimed timber

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