Ecological insulation

OMNI WOOD is highly in favour of ecological insulation and actively promotes the use with all its clients embarking on a building or renovation project. As a privileged trade partner of GUTEX, we can supply any GUTEX product at the right price, either directly from stock or within days delivered to your site.

Superior performance: experience the Gutex effect!

As one of the first installers of GUTEX wood fiber insulation in Belgium, we are better placed that anyone to understand, to appreciate and to promote the qualities of GUTEX products. Thanks to our pioneering role and partnership with GUTEX, we can competitively supply any product to any contractor, roof builder or DIY’er.

As a result of many grants offered by the government in order to improve the insulation of homes nationwide, the focus of insulation rests on the thermal resistance values (the famous Rd value). However, the choosing the right insulation requires considering many more, equally important but often ignored, aspects such as: vapour openness, acoustic insulation. Read on and learn more.

GUTEX products are versatile and can be used for both greenfield and renovation projects. Discover the different applications by clicking below:

Gutex gamma

Choosing GUTEX equals choosing for high performance in a sustainable manner:-


  1. excellent protection against the winter cold: low λ value
  2. optimal protection against the summer heat: highest possible heat absorption capacity
  3. high acoustic insulation properties against air and contact sounds thanks to open pores and high density
  4. high vapour diffusion openness: can absorb up to 15% of its own weight in moisture and release again when conditions become favourable without losing insulation properties
  5. 100% recyclable and free from chemical products
  6. biological: this resource grows back in sustainably managed forests, indefinitely

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information with respect to the GUTEX wood fiber products!

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