Facade cladding

OMNI WOOD installs a wide range of ventilated facade cladding including solid timber and HPL panels or sidings. Ventilated wall cladding provides an ideal solution for building renovations whereby exterior insulation is placed, but is also perfectly suitable for new buildings whether timber framing or not.


Choosing your facade cladding depends in the first place on your expectations. Do you need cladding that provides maintenance-free piece of mind for many years to come, then we would recommend TRESPA, available as panels ‘Meteon‘ or sidings ‘Pura‘, overlapping or not. TRESPA panels and sidings are available in a wide range of uni-colours as well as wood decors.The sidings have a standard width of 140 mm and be placed horizontally or vertically.

On the other hand, if you prefer the unique and charming nature of solid hardwood, than we would gladly introduce our VETEDY products to you. VETEDY Techniclic offers a unique and invisible installation system using composite clips, a choice of padauk, ayous, ash, larch or pine, with a plank width of 60, 100 or 140 mm and a space selection of 5, 10, 20 or 30 mm.

Finally, standing by our principal ‘customer is king’, we are ready to listen to you, should you have other preferences. We have carried out projects ‘on-demand’ using cement fiber products and of course products made of thermo-treated wood species.

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gevelbekleding, Trespa Pura, ebony slate
Trespa Pura Meteon
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