The roof over your head simply has to be perfect! OMNI WOOD is highly specialized in the construction of new roofs as well renovations of your existing roof, both pitched and flat roof constructions. Our recommended service: the pitched roof with our OMNI TRUSS prefabricated trusses, 100% designed and produced in-house.

Facade cladding

OMNI WOOD handles the fitting of a varied range of ventilated facade or wall cladding including solid wood invisibly fixed by VETEDY or TRESPA HPL panels or sidings. Both represent an ideal solution in combination with external insulating works of an existing building but it’s also highly suitable for new homes, be it timber framing or not.

Customs cabinets and fitted wardrobes

The production of custom cabinets and fitted wardrobes was the first main activity which put OMNI WOOD on the map 20 years ago. The possibilities are simply endless. Many clients with an OMNI WOOD roof, requested us to fit cabinets in their attic and thus creating a perfect match when it comes to durability and functionality, especially when chosen in combination with our OMNI TRUSS roof optimizing the spaces under the trusses.

Timber framing

When it comes to durability and comfort, timber framing is in a league of its own. Despite many misconceptions that still exist, timber framed building are indeed fireproof . OMNI WOOD manages the production of complete homes at its facility in Sint-Truiden.  Subsequently, as soon as our lovely Belgian weather permits, the wall panels and roof units are transported to the site with a special telescopic trailer. Once arrived, the building is assembled in no time, sometimes within 3 days for a small home.

Blow-in insulation

The blowing-in of roofs and timber framed walls with insulation material made from wood fiber, more specifically GUTEX Thermofibre, is part and parcel of our services as a general contractor. However, this service is also available to other contractors, colleagues or individuals who work with other roof or timber framing contractors. Wood fiber is 100% ecological and a perfect insulator,  thus the environment gains twice. Furthermore, these works progress extremely fast, in less than a day we can complete the roof of a normal home with 2 team members. To be perfectly clear, this technique has nothing to do with the blowing in of cavity walls.

Prefabricated roof or attic trusses

The OMNI TRUSS prefabricated roof or attic trusses are the product of a generation of experience and a continuous search for the ideal roof contruction. Using specific software and a semi-automatic production process, OMNI WOOD produces your trusses fast, efficiently and with precision. The trusses are supplied in kit form and made available to roof builders, general contractors or anyone interested. We can also supply special form work for concrete castings produced with the same technique.

Ecological insulation

OMNI WOOD is a firm believer in the purpose of ecological building materials and as such recommends the use of it to all its clients. As a privileged partner of GUTEX, OMNI WOOD can supply any GUTEX product, regardless of the quantity. Most commonly used products are readily available from our own stock, while other items can be delivered to the client within a few days.

Interior cladding

OMNI WOOD’s interior division offers a wide range of unique wooden wall panels, manufactured from both virgin and re-used timber.

Together with our partner WOODEN WALL DESIGN, based in the Baltic Forest of Latvia, we bring 20 exquisite designs into your home, office or business, adding character and exclusivity unmatched by any other decorative material.

Machine rental

Rental of Manitou MRT 2540 telescopic crane/aerial work platform, Manitou ATJ+ 160 aerial work platform and Potain Igo 18 self-erecting tower crane.

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